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Hello, my name is Amelia Carruthers.  I’m an Oxford based writer, interested in the arts, history and philosophy. I am really passionate about art, literature and creative endeavours, activities which I believe should be accessible to as many people as possible.  Consequently, I will be getting involved – critiquing, reviewing and documenting my adventures into artistic, historical and philosophical goings on.  I love discussing art theory, especially its links with philosophy, academia, sustainability and public participation… the list goes on.

After completing an MA in Art History, History and Philosophy at the University of St. Andrews, I moved to Bristol, where I finished an M.Phil in Modern History. I worked as a writer and editor for a short time, before joining Oxford University Press as a Marketing Executive.

For those interested in my publications, including ‘Writers On…’ and ‘Fairy Tale Origins’ please see my Amazon Author’s Page – Thanks!


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19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Amelia, thank you for liking and following my art blog – find your site very interesting and will enjoy following your future posts – and maybe when I next have an exhibition you will be invited!

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  2. Hi, first of all… thanks for following my little blog. I try to share snapshots of an artist´s life. sometimes a letter gives you a very nice in view into a specific work, the circumstances how something developed. (Look at the Miro – article in my blog- I described a bit the letter where Miro writes to George Hugnet working on the plates for l´usage de la parole. ) I also post photographs, signed exhibition catalogues and signed editions.
    Hope to keep contact
    My very best


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